2020 Spraying Weeds, Ditch Mowing & Clearing Right Of Way

1. Ditch Mowing & Spraying
Brandon Township has began ditch mowing and will be begin spraying weeds September 15 to October 15, 2019.

If you would like to request to not have the ditch sprayed adjacent to your property please contact a township supervisor John at 605-310-1614.

2. Cleaning Out The Right Of Way
**FALL REMINDER** It’s the perfect time of the year to clear trees, shrubs, brush & other obstacles from the road right-of-way. Adjacent property owners are responsible for maintenance of the right-of-way outside of the roadway. Removal helps ensure that the right-of-way is clear for snow removal, water drainage, repair of utilities and more. We thank you for your help in this area!