Please Drive With Caution

That rain, combining with snow-melt and frozen ground, has lead to flooding on several of our roads. Please drive with caution on all township roads. Many roads are covered in water and can be extremely hard to navigate.

If you are driving on wet roads there are some suggestions to remember from AAA.

  • Avoid standing water and flooded roads at all times.
  • Slowing down during wet weather driving can be critical to reducing a car's chance of hydroplaning.
  • Drivers should reduce their speed to correspond to the amount of water on the roadway. At speeds as low as 35 mph, new tires can still lose some contact with the roadway.
  • Allow ample stopping distance between cars by increasing the following distance of the vehicle in front of them and beginning to slow down to stop for intersections, turns and other traffic early.
  • Avoid using your cruise control.
  • Make sure tires are properly inflated and have enough tread depth.

Please drive carefully and stay safe!